sábado, 13 de octubre de 2007

Good Charlotte

Esto es algo que publiqué en la página de ellos, hace mucho tiempo (4-10-07), espero comentarios...

While I'm listening to 'The Anthem' I'm thinking about writing my first blog, then the song turns into 'The River' and suddenly it hits me. Though the lyrics talk about different things, each Good Charlotte cd has its own particular charm, Good Morning Revival's is the magic of being different.
I can't say I've heard all Good Charlotte's new songs, because I haven't got my own cd. but as far as I've listened to the new GMR cd, it has awakened in me the same feelings of happyness and rhythm as 'The Anthem' song. From the violins of 'Predictable' to the extreme bass in 'Keep your Hand off my Girl' crossing the high-pitch voice of 'I Just Wanna Live', We can see that, the totally different is just a 'finding ourselves'.
Good Charlotte has tons of good things such as creativity, building this new album, doing the whole GCTV (which by the way, is a totally awesome way to stay in touch), the amazing new Good Charlotte brings us the feeling of the Phoenix rebirth, growing truly espectacular, as far as I'm concerned, and listened to the new CD, Good Charlotte absolutely brought it on! (not trying to sound as a cheerleader).
Good Morning Revival is, for sure, one of the bests cds I've ever heard, and for sure I'd be in my favorite list for loooong time.

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